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American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC) is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of diagnostic medical products, personal instruments, and accessories for the healthcare industry.

Fabrication Enterprises (FEI) is a manufacturer, importer and master distributor of products for physical and occupation therapy, athletic training, and home care.

GF Health Products, Inc. ("Graham-Field") is one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of medical products in the health care industry, offering approximately 4,000 medical, rehabilitation, long-term care and homecare products.

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Prestige Medical

Prestige Medical is a manufacturer of professional diagnostic instruments and accessories to the healthcare community. Over 40 years ago, Prestige Medical pioneered the concept of pairing diagnostic medical instruments and nursing accessories with medical uniform.

The ProCare product line represents the advanced technology and high standards of DJO Global, Inc. This comprehensive line of Upper and Lower Extremity products, Compression Wear and Patient Care products serves individuals of all ages, abilities and levels of fitness. The ProCare brand is recognized and well-respected among health care professionals and patients worldwide.

SunMed is your source for quality medical products. Our principal product line includes anesthesia, respiratory and urology accessories combined with a vast selection of laryngoscope blades and laryngoscope handles. SunMed has more than 140 different laryngoscope blades to offer. Our conventional, fiber optic and specialty laryngoscope models meet the needs of anesthesiologists world wide.

 Medical Diagnostics Instruments.

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Nursing Care

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