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About Universal Care Corp


Company Overview


Universal Care Corporation is a dynamic company engaged in the sales and distribution of hospital and general medical supplies and equipment through a group of professionals and direct sales consultants, who work in conjunction with product specialists in order to assist the end user achieve quality outcomes.

Unicare specializes in areas such as: operating room products, surgical instruments, anesthesia, respiratory therapy, cardiovascular, critical care, nursing, diagnostics products, and capital equipment.

Founded in September 1985, Universal Care Corporation is one of the leading distributors of heathcare products in Puerto Rico.

Our company started with a limited group of product lines, which, through the years of hard work, developed and expanded with the efforts of our sales and management team.

The emphasis in customer support, product speciatlists and shipping logistic, puts us among the industry leaders of our market.

Although our products have been primarily marketed to hospitals in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands, we have expanded our end-user base to physicians, dental care, veterinary offices, out-patient surgery centers and long-term care facilities.

Our present goal is to enter the pharmacy market in order to become a complete healthcare distributor.

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